School’s mission: safe, friendly and colourful
- Primary school, that is attended by the students at the of 6-13
- number of students: 486
- number of classes: 23 (3 of them are composed of the students with hearing disabilities)
- students are the prizewinners of various regional and national competitions and contests
- the school takes part in various  environmental activities  (eg. recycling)
- the school possesses the Certificate for Health Promotion
- high level of education, which is proved by the very good results of the 6th grade students in their final exam- every year various inter
-school competitions and contests are organised- many events are organized to integrate school’s community (eg. Open Day, Family Picnic)
- many additional classes for students are organised by the teachers
- there are two classrooms equipped with the computers with the internet in the school
- there is the School Centre of Information with the internet in the school
- There are: the common room, the dining room and the library with the reading-room in the school
- the school is cooperating with some schools from the European Union Countries
- the school is cooperating with many  educational establishments which results in exchanging experiences and makes the school develop

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